Covenant Academy Sports

CAS focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual skill development needed for student-athletes to perform at 100% of their abilities. Constant increased skill development is our goal; for us, the preparation towards their skill development is even more important. Our preparation plan includes assessments, a personal skills development plan, strength/conditioning, evaluations, mentoring, and constant goals setting activities. CAS provides a high school athletic structure so athletes understand what is required of them on the field as well as in the classroom as part of their preparation for the next level. CAS will help develop, increase, and maintain the necessary skills needed to compete at all levels, but even more so we will assure each individual athlete is competing at 100% of his/her abilities, talent, and skill set.

Importance of Team Sports

We pride ourselves on our sports program. Team Sports gives our athletes a stage to perform so their family, friends, and the entire community can see their individual hard work pay off as they shine through competition. Team Sports to us is the vessel used to help develop today’s children into tomorrow’s successful and responsible adults. Our goal is to achieve athletic excellence consistently around the world in every sport we compete in. However, as we pursue our athletic royalty, we will fail every athlete that attends CAS if we do not stress the importance of teamwork, confidence, academic achievement, and valuable life lessons while they are officially and forever Royal Eagles.